Marvel & Dell Partner With Motion Icon UK

Marvel and Dell Partner With Motion Icon UK to attract movie-goers to the Westfield Cinema in London.
Marvel & Dell Partner With Motion Icon UK



When Marvel and Dell partnered with Motion Icon UK for the launch of the Marvel Antman And The Wasp film – the objective was clear: increase visibility and drive footfall to the VUE Cinema at Westfield Stratford in London; ultimately increasing direct movie ticket sales. As one of the top mall locations in the UK, Westfield mall sees more than one million people per week – making this the ideal retail space for a highly-impactful escalator step branding solution. 


Motion Icon is a disruptive OOH media innovator, leveraging a globally patented product that transforms everyday escalators into powerful, moving billboards within purchase proximity. To attract Marvel fans and movie-goers – the artwork and medium had to be enticing. The in-house design team created captivating visuals that brought both brands to life. The escalator step branding was installed in time for the film release; and ran for two weeks on two escalators feeding into the VUE Cinema area.  



Ambient Media, who booked the campaign with Motion Icon, declared the campaign a success, achieving an exposure of more than two million views over the two-week period. 

“The creative for Ant Man went through Dell and Marvel for approval before activation. The installation looked amazing, so thanks again to Motion Icon for yet another great job. We’ve had a lot of people coming down to see the escalators in action and receiving great feedback,” – Jonathan Schultz, Director – Ambient Media. 

Marvel Antman And The Wasp Partner With Motion Icon UK