SPAR South Africa Takes Over OR Tambo International Airport

SPAR South Africa takes over OR Tambo International Airport with branded escalators, as part of their SPAR2U app and Rewards programme launch.
SPAR South Africa Partners With Motion Icon South Africa

OR Tambo International Airport hosts over 21 million travellers each year. In a strategic move to promote the SPAR2U app and Rewards campaign, SPAR South Africa partnered with Motion Icon to create a complete brand takeover at one of the busiest transit spaces in Africa.


The idea was simple. Transform ordinary, often overlooked spaces into a captivating advertising opportunity. Motion Icon’s creative team envisioned turning the airport’s escalators into a striking advert that would visually represent the convenience and excitement of the new SPAR2U app and Rewards programme. By leveraging the dynamic movement of the escalators, SPAR created an engaging and memorable brand experience for everyone traveling through the airport. 


Motion Icon provides a full turnkey solution: from concept and design, to cleaning, installation, and removal. Pre fitment, the professional technicians perform a 10-point safety check, which typically takes place outside trading hours for minimal disruption. It took the team 9 working days to install over 860 step panels and 32 side panels to 16 escalators. Initially set to run for 3 months – the campaign has since been extended to run for an additional 6 months. 

Vivid colours can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. To visually stand out, Motion Icon’s in-house design team brought the Spar signature colours and branding elements to the forefront. From the striking hues to the imagery and messaging – the escalator panel became the ideal canvas for showcasing SPAR’s latest offering. 


The Motion Icon and SPAR partnership proved to be a resounding success. The branded escalators immediately captured the attention of travellers, transforming an otherwise mundane part of their journey into an exciting encounter with the SPAR brand. 

“Partnering with Motion Icon for the launch of our campaigns was a game-changer. Seeing our brand displayed
on the escalator steps made a remarkable impact on consumers and Spar employees. It was a refreshing departure from traditional activations and brought our campaign to life. We are delighted with the results and thankful to the Motion Icon team for an innovative approach, which has significantly contributed to the success of our campaign”
– Chantelle Horn, SPAR Group Inland Advertising Manager

As the impact of this collaboration shows, a forward-thinking approach to advertising doesn’t only drive immediate results, but also leaves a lasting impression on consumers. It exemplifies the power of creative marketing strategies. By transforming a simple escalator into the largest moving indoor billboard – Motion Icon has effectively delivered on their high-impact branding promise. 

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