Highly Effective Ways Of Boosting Store Foot Fall

Shopping malls are bustling hubs of activity, offering a plethora of shopping and entertainment options. Some of the most successful brands use visual branding strategically to consistently turn shoppers into buyers. As a retailer or landlord, capturing the attention of a purchase-ready audience to increase foot traffic and drive sales – is the ultimate goal. So how do we do it?


How do brands compete with the 10 000 messages consumers receive daily? By trying a different approach to retail advertising. Consider flighting captivating content in unexpected places. Motion Icon offers brands over 80sqm of dedicated advertising space – turning everyday escalators into the largest moving indoor billboard. As shoppers navigate through the mall, they are greeted with eye-catching visuals and messaging, boosting curiosity, and increasing foot fall to store or promotion areas.

Through Hyper Proximity Marketing – Motion Icon has recorded over 20% increase in foot fall throughout the campaign period for two of the most prominent retail brands.  


For mall owners, creating a seamless retail experience is paramount. With numerous stores, floors and sections to navigate through, shoppers often appreciate clear and visible directional signage. Strategically placing well-designed, striking directional branding throughout the mall to guide shoppers to new stores or otherwise low-traffic areas, benefits both landlords and tenants. 


To stand out in a visually cluttered mall, it’s essential to expand your visual reach. Understanding how shoppers move around in retail spaces and how they consume static and digital content is the key to driving awareness and sales. We know that vivid colours increase brand recognition by up to 80%. Foster familiarity and brand loyalty by investing in the kind of retail displays that make your brand or store easily recognisable in seconds. 


Create a consistently good brand experience online and offline by expanding your online presence into the physical space. Leverage social media or Social Influencer Marketing solutions to engage shoppers beyond the physical space by showcasing seasonal offerings, promoting upcoming events or creating sales incentives on your e-commerce site aimed at driving traffic to the brick-and-mortar store. 

Boosting foot traffic in malls requires a thoughtful and multi-faceted approach. Embrace new in-mall advertising techniques that compliment your campaigns, but still speak to the essence of your brand. From escalator step branding, directional signage, floor and wall media – there are ample creative possibilities to ensuring that your campaign is unmissable. By partnering with The Iconic Group, you can boost foot traffic, drive greater exposure and increase sales opportunities for your business. 

Increase your store foot fall with a tailored retail branding solution. Speak to our Proximity Marketing Specialists >> sales@motioniconsa.co.za.