Maximising Your Black Friday Retail Campaign

Black Friday is just around the corner – and retailers across the globe are gearing up for one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

To make the most of this bustling event, it’s crucial to have a well thought out strategy that not only attracts shoppers but also elevates your brand beyond the single day. We’ve mapped out a few strategies to help you maximise your retail campaign. 


At The Iconic Group, we specialise in tailored in-mall branding solutions – including dedicated visual advertising on escalator steps. By transforming ordinary escalators into attention-grabbing billboards – brands are given an 80sqm opportunity to engage with shoppers within purchase proximity.  We know that consumers are 9 times more likely to recall a message on a moving medium. Making escalator step branding 9 times more effective with your ad spend. To further maximise the campaign – brands can remain ‘always on’ and continuously engage their audience for a longer period, as panels with specific Black Friday messaging can easily be swopped out in preparation for the festive season.


When it comes to visual marketing, it takes less than 10 seconds to make a first impression. In other words, your campaign needs to be visually-captivating from the on-set with a clear message to your target audience. For Black Friday, driving sales is about boosting that visibility. Influence shopping behaviour by maximising your visual real estate with window displays, in-store signage and interactive media. Increasing your retail share of voice makes it easier for shoppers to filter your brand through the noise, easily find your store and invest in your offerings. 


Drawing foot traffic to your store on Black Friday is paramount. One of the key strategies to achieving this is through Hyper Proximity Marketing. Engaging shoppers within purchase proximity increases the likelihood of impulse purchases and reinforces your brand’s presence in the shopper’s mind.

Lead traffic directly to your store by providing directional signage throughout the mall. Eye-catching retail branding will not only grab the attention of shoppers within your store, but also draw in passersby. 

Black Friday presents a prime opportunity for retailers to capitalise on the unique dynamics of shopper behaviour in the retail space. Through tailored branding strategies, brands can effectively drive visibility and foot fall – leveraging the anticipation and excitement that shoppers feel during this high-stakes shopping event. As consumers seek out the most compelling and visually appealing offers, The Iconic Group’s solutions can help you rise above the competition and ensure that this Black Friday becomes a resounding success for your brand. 

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