Staying Ahead Of The Curve: 2024 Retail Branding

We know that consumer behaviour has changed and continues to change. We also know that brands that keep up with the latest win customers over. But is it as simple as embracing new trends and tech? Or is there more to making your brand stand out in an otherwise visually cluttered retail space? Let’s explore five Retail Marketing elements to consider in 2024.
Escalator Branding


We know that people remember 65% of what they see, compared to 10% of what they hear – making visual branding the strongest medium for message recall.

Creating a strong visual identity doesn’t just ensure brand recognition – when done right, it becomes the most effective way to keep your brand top of mind. In retail, where shoppers are inundated with choices – its paramount that retailers differentiate themselves through captivating visuals to create campaigns that the audience can easily resonate with. 


People buy from people. As the fastest growing marketing channel worldwide, Social Influencer Marketing allows content creators to effectively bridge gaps between brands and consumers – fostering authentic and relatable
connections with existing and new audiences.

At The Iconic Group, we help brands create a seamless omnichannel experience, by delivering consistently captivating campaigns from OOH retail spaces to digital through our Motion Icon and Social Icon service offerings. 


According to a recent study by Kantar Millward Brown, “there is now evidence to suggest that a combination of creativity, disruption and great advertising has a significant impact on brand value and can boost it by as much as 265%”.

So in a world where shoppers gravitate towards novelty and creativity – innovation has the ability to captivate audiences, differentiate brands and carve out distinctive spaces in the market.

Through our globally patented escalator step advertising solution, Motion Icon offers brands an innovative approach to visual branding with over 80sqm of advertising space within purchase proximity. 


What does the future of retail look like outside the realm of cutting-edge technology? With the ever-evolving consumer habits, the key to curating memorable and share-able experiences – is for retailers to prepare for a re-imagined state of brick-and-mortar retail by partnering with agencies that stand at the forefront of that change. 


Today’s shorter attention span means brands need to work that much harder to capture and maintain their audience’s attention. Retailers who successfully give shoppers a reason to notice often deliver concise, engaging and immediately relevant content that breaks through the clutter of everyday messaging.

How can your brand stand out? By designing captivating campaigns at the right time and place – when shoppers are in the buying frame of mind; to create a lasting impact that keeps customers coming back for more. 

Even with the economic pressures weighing heavily on shoppers and the increased adoption of ecommerce – South Africa remains one of the most mall heavy countries in the world. For retailers – this means re-imagining where brick-and-mortar stores fall in the buying journey and how adapting to change can truly attract higher engagement, foot traffic and sales.